About Mary Ellen Landolfi

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Mine is the typical writer’s story. I began reading at an early age (4) and wanted to absorb everything I could get my hands on – cereal boxes, the encyclopedia, classic fairy tales (a favorite was Andrew Lang’s The Blue Fairy Book), the entire Little House on the Prairie series. Soon I found Nancy Drew, and anything involving mysteries, ghosts and Gothic castles caught my eye.

When I was 12, I realized that I wanted to be a writer, and was thrilled to realize that it was indeed a possible career. This was mostly because of two people —  my 7th grade English teacher, Tony Anjoubault and Stephen King. Mr. Anjoubault, my first true writing mentor, also introduced me to Edgar Allan Poe. And Stephen King taught me the power of a story that stays with you and doesn’t let go.

After college, like many other would-be novelists, I took to the path of journalism, specifically of the business variety. Three kids and one consulting business later, in 2011, I entered the world of freelance writing, bringing my writing and editorial expertise to businesses and entrepreneurs.

Despite reinventing myself several times from a career standpoint, the creative side of me has made it thus far relatively unscathed. Now, onto this website. What will you find here? Me, writing about basically anything I’m excited about. (Honestly, my tastes haven’t changed much since I was in my teens.)  Think genre fiction — romance, suspense, horror. Theater, music, ghosts and the paranormal. Movies, pop culture and the occasional teen idol. And of course news on my fiction writing, as it develops.

If you’re looking for information on my freelance writing services, visit me here at www.wordspiralmedia.com